Tunworth (250g)



Made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce at Hampshire Cheeses at Herriard, Hampshire. Sourcing high grade milk from a single herd and with a commitment to quality and consistency since founded in 2005, Tunworth is hailed by many experts as the world’s best example of its type.

Tunworth is creamy with a rich and earthy aroma. It has the thinnest possible rind, an undulating surface, and a profoundly fruity sometimes cabbage-y tang.

Tunworth can be baked it its own box for a real indulgence.

Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards twice since 2005.

“The best Camembert in the World” hails Raymond Blanc. Some accolade from the patriotic legendary French chef!

Milk- Cows
Rennet- Animal


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