About Us

Our locally renowned cheese shop at Ecclesall-Sheffield, has been serving the local community with a wide range of British and Continental cheese since the 1980's.

The range has grown during recent years with a focus on British Farmhouse and Artisan cheeses. 

The wider range of delicious foodstuffs available in the shop includes a fantastic selection of artisan cheese biscuits and chutneys, locally roasted coffee beans and gourmet pates and charcuterie.

There is a focus on the provenance of foodstuffs with artisan quality and local sourcing being at the forefront.

Cheese and Friends Sheffield

It is our Cheese that is the star of the show, a significant proportion made on the farm, many using raw milk, showing the skill, passion and dedication of the cheesemaker. 

Supporting the British Farmhouse cheese industry is at a critical time and it is important that small scale artisan producers are maintained. Cheese making has an integrated heritage of terroir, nature, farm animals and their milk and the craft of the cheesemaker.

As a cheesemonger, we have a relationship with our suppliers, the community and its valued customers. Our lovely cheeses are enhanced by a partnering and pairing with delicious accompaniments- Their Friends.

Whether you are an on-line customer or one of many valued more local supporters, we hope you continue to enjoy the range of delicious cheese we offer, carefully curated and presented for your enjoyment and delight.

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