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Created and made by Joe Schneider and team at Collingthwaite Farm, on the Welbeck Estate , Nottinghamshire. A raw milk Stilton style cheese born in 2004, out of a passion from Joe and Randolph Hodgson from Neals Yard Dairy to re-create what could be considered an original Stilton, using Unpasteurised milk.

The mornings milk only is used, and is slowly acidified and moved by hand ladling, with the curds hand milled one cheese at a time. The cheeses are spiked with Penicillium Roqueforti once the curds have developed their creamy flavour. The team make only 36 cheeses per day, which is quickly spoken for.

A luscious fondant texture, with rich complex flavours of caramel, spice and mushroom.

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